Monday, September 13, 2010

Running the Race with Jesus ...

Monday, September 13, 2010
Running the Race with Jesus ...

Yep, running this marathon with Jesus as absolute leader and my amazing family cheering us on. There are no words to tell you how blessed I have been being surrounded by my incredibly loving family and friends. This journey has been filled with blessings because of Richard, Meredith, Megan, Jesse, Kevin, Makenzie, Carson, Slade and my amazing girlfriends (they are so fun). We are on the downhill side of the race ... coming into the finish line!!!!!!! Woo Hoo Jesus!

I finished 12 treatments last week and started the 1st of 4 new treatments today. When I got to MDA med center early this morning, I felt a bit anxious ... anticipating what these new drugs might do. I sat in my car before going in, prayed, sang a few praise and worship songs ... giving HIM all of this ... giving HIM deep heartfelt emotion of thanksgiving ... giving Him all my praise and all I am. When I walked thru the doors it felt surreal- almost blurry. I'm telling you, God was there in my presence. He literally carried me from one test to the next, carried me thru the door to meet with my oncologist. The entire time I was there I was floating thru ... with a serentity and peace and joy that was filled with the most quiet tender emotion. It was the sweetest feeling of being encapsulated in HIS safe, strong, loving arms ... the cancer world around me was not even visible to my eyes.

Thank you Lord for loving me so much, thank you for taking such good care of me and thank you for sharing today with me in such a real, hands on way. I trust in YOU Lord ... I trust in YOU.
I Love You.

First round of 4 is behind us. My oncologist prepared me for a rough week ahead ... but lets see what the GREAT PHYSICIAN has in store! Whatever my week ends up being ... I'm good with it. Knowing with every fiber of my being that the Lords will and plan is absolute perfection. If you take a moment this week to pray ... I would be so honored and thankful to be covered in your prayers. And please pray for my family, as they need strength and prayer also.

It is so interesting the multitude of emotions a human goes thru when you are faced with a trial like this. For me, the hardest part has been watching my sweet family having to walk this trial alongside of me. I cry alot when I think of them ... their selfless acts, their love for me, their unwavering faith if something doesn't go like we prayed for, their funny jokes and continual laughter, their gentle and genuine care for me. They have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus ... and I stand humbled and in awe at how blessed I am to call them "my family". Jesus has and continues to make us all better people thru this marathon, this race of life. I pray He never stops chipping away in making us more like Him.

I have learned one very amazing truth (I've learned a whole lot more than one amazing thing in this but for now here's a huge truth I've learned), "The Lord loves me so much, He allowed this in my life because he wants to make me better. He wants me to completely trust Him and listen to His plans for me. He wants me to be more like Him." Thats a big love to allow this cancer walk, and I am thankful to listen to Him, learn what He has for my life and prayerfully and humbly hear Him and come before His throne in obedience. I want to serve Him- whatever He is calling me to be or to do. Guess He decided, she's a hard headed one ... should I allow cancer and year journey or ... hit her over the head with a large falling boulder? Kinda glad I got Choice A!!!!!

My family's theme song is Jesus, Your My Healer ... we listen to it with such a trusting faith in Jesus ... for He is everything. Precious Meredith has it posted on her incredible blog today. If you have a minute, visit her post today (love that child so much) and click on this song at the bottom of todays post. Her blog is

Thankful for YOU. Thankful for my church family. Thankful for Ronnie's Sunday morning sermons, Thankful for my dad and my siblings, Thankful for my amazing girlfriends, Thankful for my son in laws, Thankful for my blessed grandbabies, Thankful for my undeserved, cherished, amazing daughters, Thankful for my sweet husband who sweetly and lovingly endures it all, but most of all I am Thankful for Jesus ... the Great Physician ... My Healer ... My everything.

Love you so very much,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

race for the cure update

Hello sweet friends & family... (Meredith posting)

I wanted to touch base as many of you have had trouble signing up/donating to the Race for the Cure team. I am providing some (hopefully) easy and detailed instructions to sign up or sponsor the team. Please feel free to email me or call with any questions. Thank you all so very much for your eagerness to be a part of this special day!

To sign up to race/donate...

    1. Visit --> from there you will select from the horizontal menu of pink tabs along the top of the site: you want to choose the tab that says Komen Race for the Cure.

    2. Hover over this tab and you will see a drop down menu to select from.

    Choose Register. Then choose Join a Team.

    3. You will be redirected to a page that allows you to Join a team, create a team, etc. You want to scroll to the box that allows you to search for an existing team. In the box type “Jesus” as your search criteria and leave the Team Division unselected. Our team, Jesus, My Healer should be the only result you get— select the team by clicking on the pink team name.

    4. From there you will see a roster of those already signed up. To join the team, you will click the pink Join Team text at the top of the list.

    5. You will then choose from a list of Participation Options; most of you will fall under the Adult category. Make your selections and move to the next step.

    6. As you complete the Registration Form you will be asked to select which event you are planning on joining— we are doing the Family Walk & Kids.From there you should be able to complete payment information and be signed up to participate!

    When you arrive at the team page with the roster, you will also see a “thermometer” that has the team’s fundraising status. Above that meter you can click to Donate to Jesus... My Healer. The steps to donate/sponsor are very simple from there.

    Thank you all again for your generosity, your encouragement and your enthusiasm!

    We are so blessed by each and every one of you.

    A little update on my mom... She completed her 11th of 12 weekly chemotherapy treatments on Monday. She will have her last of the 12 on Tuesday of this coming week. On September 13th she begins a series of 4 intense rounds of chemotherapy, each 3 weeks apart. These are the final 4 treatments in her cancer walk, but are supposed to be the toughest. If you would continue to bless her with continued prayers for strength, comfort, healing and peace as she finishes this journey we would be so grateful. In so many ways this walk has been a blessing to my mom and in turn to our family. But, at the end of the day, it’s cancer and chemotherapy and it’s JUST NOT FUN! She has some difficult days and we are ready for her to be relieved of cancer treatments and all that comes with it.

    She’s been AMAZING through it all, such a Godly example to us all of walking

    with unshakable faith, grace, strength and dignity.

    I hope that you and yours are well...

    We look forward to seeing so many of you on October 2nd.

    Love & Blessings,
    The Greer’s, The Tichenor’s & The Goforth’s
    Richard, Jill, Meredith, Kevin, Carson, Slade, Megan, Jesse & Makenzie

Keep up with my mom’s journey:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Faith, Answered Prayer and Low Blood Counts!

Yesterday was chemo #7 and once again, God showed up and showed us His amazing love and who is really in control! I get butterflies in my tummy, tears in my eyes and my soul swells with a huge smile when I think about yesterday at MDA. Starting my day at 6:45 with blood work, we discovered my white counts were a bit low. Chemo was delayed until they could determine if my counts were in a safe range. Peacefully we waited, we prayed and I knew without any doubt God was at work! And in His amazing glory my count had to be at least 1.0 to do chemo ... came back at 1.1!!! So chemo #7 is behind us. Thank you sweet Jesus, My amazing Healer.

This season of my life is good ... SO good in the quiet, still lessons the King of Kings is laying upon me. Faith, good 'ol blind faith has been a lesson I would not trade.
"But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold."
Job 23:10 (Ya think Job has a lesson in a faith walk for me? Yep ... )

So I ponder ... with great awe ...
Would we like to know exactly what God is doing? Would we want to pull aside the veil and see the end from the beginning? Would we like to know the way that He is taking with us in this walk? I’m learning if we did, and if we could see, would we have FAITH to believe and accept God’s perfect way? If we could understand all of God’s dealings, we would not need faith. We would not fall before His throne in complete trusted faith that He is Our Great Healer, perfect in ALL things. Its been a blessing and test to walk this walk in solid, promised, loving, great faith. Faith in Our Father, a faith that if not exercised will not grow and a faith that if not tried will never be strong!

God knows what He is doing, He knows the plan He has for me. In the midst of some ucky moments, there is incredible comfort. Comfort not in the fact that I know the reason and the answer for all that God has in this ... but in the truth that God completely knows what He is doing. And I am so thankful for that assurance. "He knows that way I take" - sweet!

Faith, so many answered prayers (and some unanswered, some answered different than we asked) and low blood counts. To God be the Glory in every perfect detail of this journey. Use this Lord to grow your kingdom and bring new souls to your throne of glory.

Praying for my white blood counts to jump up, praying for Julie Whaley, praying for the man at MDA who was so very sick yesterday (broke my heart into pieces), praying for my sweet family and praying for all of you.

Jesus, perfect in everyway ...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Race for the Cure

Hello friends & family, it's Meredith again!

Race for the Cure 2010 Registration is now open!
We would love for you to join our family’s team:
Jesus ... My Healer

We will be racing in honor of my beautiful, amazingly strong mom Jill Greer, who is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer and our precious Grandma BK (Karen Penrod) who fought and beat breast cancer nearly five years ago. We are so thankful for the amazing medical care available to them and the healing power of our sweet Jesus. Racing for the Cure seems to be the least we can do to commemorate and honor their courageous battles with breast cancer. We would love to honor or include anyone you know and love that has fought breast cancer as well, just let us know who all we’re walking for.

If you’re up for it, we’d be honored to have you walk, run, or SLEEP in for the Cure with us on Saturday, October 2nd. That’s right... If running isn’t your thing, or if you live far away but want to be there in spirit, SLEEP IN for the cure. Instead of receiving a race t-shirt, you will get a pillowcase and can dream sweet dreams for us all while we go run around the city!

Either way, you can visit this link here to register.
You’ll want to select “Join an Existing Team”
Our team name is Jesus ... My Healer
(if you search "Jesus", you will see our team come up, with Jill Greer as our Captain)
We will be racing in the Family & Kids group-- don't worry we'll have walkers, joggers, runners, old and young!

Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family as well, the more the merrier!
You will receive an official Race for the Cure t-shirt when you register. We are planning on having custom shirts made— if you would like one of those, you can contact me with your t-shirt size. We anticipate them being no more than $10 per person.

Thanks so much for considering being a part of this special day with our family!
Love and blessings to you all,

Questions? Contact me...
thetichenorfamily {at} gmail {dot} com

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I owe everyone a huge THANK YOU ...

Hello friends and family! This blog post is my heart-felt out pouring to Thank YOU.

I now know that God has allowed this trial in my life and my families lives. I am convinced that the Lord loves me so much, He allowed this in my life. He's allowed it to teach me some amazing things. I am listening and approaching His throne with humbleness and a thankful heart. Yes ... HE loves me this much!

I am doing good ... finished my 6th chemo treatment yesterday. Have 6 more of this particular chemo, then I have 4 more treatments of a hum-dinger ... one potent doozie ... so they say. But this blog is for YOU ... to thank you for all the love, support, PRAYERS, food, cards, hugs, calls, emails ... words can't express our gratitude. So this is to you ... my thank you:

Thank YOU my amazing friends and loved ones!!! How do I even thank you for your sweet, precious, wonderful , loving tender care over me and my family? Words cannot thank you enough for the warmth you have covered us with. We are so incredibly blessed by your love and outreach during this time of trial, BUT also this time of incredible blessing and joy!

YES … this has been a time of huge blessings. My life and my families lives have never been so covered in prayer, love and honor because of YOU. Above your servant heart, we thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. We thank you for your prayers. We thank you for loving us in such a huge, amazing way! While this walk is not what one would hope for … I would not trade the grand lessons I have witnessed thru your loving spirit and generous outpouring upon my life and my families lives. Thank you seems so small, so insincere. There are no words to adequately express the thankfulness within my soul for all you have done for me and my family. I am truly learning one more facet of Gods amazing love, blessings and riches through your loving kindness and through your hands that have washed our feet during this time of need, healing and renewal. Thank you from deep within my soul and from the bottom of my heart.

I have prayed, asking our Lord and Savior to make this a spiritual journey, not a medical journey. And as HE would be so perfect and so amazing … it has been just that! A season filled with HIS love, blessings and teaching largely because of YOU! God has truly shined HIS precious, loving face upon us. He has taken incredible care of us and used YOU to bless us immeasurably more than we deserve. Thank you my sweet friend.

I will be a better servant because of you. Because of your tender acts of kindness … I continue to learn what it means to love people. I pray God will continue to use this time to make me more like HIM, and to love and serve others as you have loved and served me and my family.
You may never know the magnitude of how you have blessed our lives. But Jesus knows, and HE is smiling upon you and will heap blessings over you because you have loved us in such am amazing, Christ-centered way. Again, I say thank you. A day does not pass that we are so incredibly blessed with Gods richest joy and perfect care.

This walk is because of HIS glory and HIS perfect plan. I rejoice and am glad in it! I pray He will use this to better His kingdom … because of YOU. Jesus came as a servant. Greatness comes from serving and what a mighty servant you have been. “The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted”. Matthew 23:11-12

Undeservingly and humbly filled with appreciation, joy and thanksgiving …
I Love you with The Love of the Lord,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feelin a little skip in my step and ALOT of being THANKFUL!

Greater Things are yet to come … Greater things are still to be done in the city …

I woke up at 1:30 am … singing a song with a joy in my heart and a skip in my beat! Wide awake I laid there singing, “For all that You’ve done I will Thank You … for all that You’re going to do … for all that You promised and all that YOU are … Jesus will carry me thru … Jesus I THANK YOU!”

I have been on a passionate, emotional outburst of Thanksgiving to God the past several days. I could explode with a desire to give Him all the Thanks that He so richly deserves. My thank you’s seem so inadequate for all that He has done in this clumsy little walk we blindly, but faithfully are walking. I will continue to wreak havoc upon Jesus’s ears and sing Him songs of praise and thanksgiving! And I will fall on my knees rejoicing with prayers of thanksgiving and adoration for his mighty hand that is carrying us, sustaining us, filling us with peace and joy and healing us!

“I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:14

There it is … ask and it will be given to you! My family, friends, loved ones, sisters, brothers in Christ and complete strangers have prayed, we met with the elders on March 28th for prayer and anointing for healing, we pray with the nurses that administer Chemo to me each week, and I can’t go anywhere inside or outside of my home that someone doesn’t bless my heart and soul saying, we are praying for you- my prayer group is praying for you … what a covering of blessed, amazing, wonderful prayer lifted to the heavens covering this cancer (no wait it’s a … HEALING walk)! This is GOOD, SO GOOD. God Almighty is hearing, watching, listening to His precious children reaching out in love and praying for a family in need. You are fulfilling His command to pray for one another … we are a family in need, peacefully receiving ever prayer, every act of kindness and every hug filled with HIS love. Thank you … for all that you’ve done, this family thanks you.

Chemo started last Monday. It went well. Really well! With great trepidation we started our morning in prayer, got to the waiting area at MDA … and God was holding open the door waiting for us to arrive. I was so peaceful. So relaxed. So fine. Ready to get this show on the road. I can honestly say I physically felt “the peace that surpasses all understanding” come over my body- that scripture physically came alive in me. I had complete peace, and if the Lord isn’t amazing enough … I even had a joy within me! Felt it … physically within my soul. Talk about fun- that is about at the top of the fun chart!! MDA is an amazing place, they take great care of their patients with respect, joy and love. They are gooooood people, another gift from above. Day One of chemo went good. Had a very good week- a few days that were not completely “all me and my energy level” … but a blessed, thankful, very good week.

Chemo #2 was today! With 14 more to go! And guess where today’s treatment and the next 14 treatments will be? This little place 3 miles from my house in Sugar Land called MD Anderson Cancer Center located at St. Lukes Hospital in Sugar Land!! Just opened less than a year ago … it’s beautiful, clean and so convenient. A huge THANK YOU Jesus for this amazing gift. I prayed this morning early for the nurse that I would spend the afternoon with. Gaynor, Megan and I prayed with her (hand in hand) before she administered my chemo … and what a peaceful, great time with Harolina my nurse we had! Had a pretty good evening- and came home to one amazing meal from one amazing family from church. I am praying my week will be strong, healthy and a week I can serve Jesus and others. I pray as I get out of bed each morning Jesus will be my everything- all day, all week. I pray for strength to love my husband with energy and joy, I pray I will be able to play with sweet Carson and Slade, and embrace my daughters in anything they need. I pray I can continue to exercise (very important in this journey) and will be able to eat and nourish this temple God created- “ME”!!!

As I sit here at 3:15 am … my heart is heavy and prayers are confident, constant and bold for Julie Whaley and her precious family. Please cover this family with your prayers and your love. Julie and I are twins! We are both walking this “Healing Walk” … not really two girlfriends having a morning stroll down the beach but something the Lord has allowed in our lives. Julie has had a tough week … lift her up and know that God is her healer. Be confident in your prayers for her … HE wants His children healed and serving His kingdom. This is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have ask of Him. Whatever Julie’s need is (or whatever your need is right now), we can find the promise in the Word of God. God’s will is His Word. Read 1 John 5:14-15 – BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR PRAYERS FOR JULIE, ETHAN AND THEIR PRECIOUS DAUGHTERS. I love you sweet Julie.

This week I will let HIS thoughts burst freely upon me … stimulating abundant Life … that I can serve and love His people. Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. As I follow Him, He will lead me to new paths in ways I have never imagined. I don’t worry about what is on the road ahead. I continue to seek my security in knowing Jesus more, the ONE who died to set you and me free! Hip Hip Hooooray!!!

Thank you my amazing family, friends, loved ones … this healing walk would not be the same without you. I love hearing from you … you lift me up!

“For all that You’ve done I will Thank You … for all that You’re going to do … for all that You promised and all that YOU are … Jesus will carry me thru … Jesus I THANK YOU!”

Because of HIM we are blessed … Jill

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thankful, and ready to go!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have updated the blog. Here is a quick peek into whats ahead for me and my precious, loving family.

But first ... did you hear about the newest and greatest gift God brought to us last Saturday? Oh boy ... He out did it this time. Slade Greer Tichenor was born June 12th at 3:02 ... weighing in at 8lbs, 6oz! He is perfect and beautiful. AND ... Richard and I got to keep Carson for several days. We had a ball ... I love that little guy so very much. Meredith, Kevin, Carson and Slade are all doing great! Thank you Lord for growing our little family! And thank you Mer and Kev for bringing us another precious grandson. Love this SO MUCH!!

I completed radiation with flying colors. Felt great, plenty of energy and the staff at MDA was amazing. One more "thank you Lord" ... you take such good care of us!

I went to MDA Friday (yesterday) to complete a minor surgery to install the chemo port. All went well ... we were in and out of there in no time! While I awaited this surgery, there was one thing on mind ...

"Jill ... learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don't take yourself or your circumtances so seriously. Relax and know that I am God with you. If I continue to desire His will above all else, life becomes much less threating. Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavenly places. Kinda like a parent delights in the laughter of their children ... The Lord delights in hearing his children's laughter. I am not going to miss the Joy of His Presence by carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. For it is written in the book of life:Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me. My yoke is comfortable and pleasant; My burden is light and easily borne!" Amen and Amen!!!

Next step in this journey is Chemo ... for 6 months. We start on Monday ... I am a bit anxious, but ready. The Good Lord is bringing peace to me and my family as this long journey begins. I pray this chemo walk will bring a more still, quiet Jill. A child of God that needs to slow down and be still before His throne. I know God is calling me to something for His kingdom ... and I don't want to miss it! Jill, Seek His Face with a teachable spirit. Come into HIS Presence with thanksgiving, desiring to be transformed. HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS PLAN TO BE REVEALED!!

Your prayers mean everything to us, if your looking for prayer requests I have a few:
1. Pray boldly for Richard .... he has been amazing thru this journey- pray for strength for him, that God teaches him something special thru this, and that our marriage and love for each other explodes with passion for His kingdom.
2. Pray for our girls ... pray for peace and God's will in this. They are the most amazing girls ... I stand in awe at what God gave to us.
3. I could use a bolt of prayer as I begin Chemo. I pray the side effects won't stop me from living life and loving people!

We have witnessed tremendous blessings during this walk that started in January. Can't wait to see what else HE has in store for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me and my family like you have. You have touched our lives in a most special way. Our Lord and Savior is working in you .... His face is shining upon you and bringing Him glory in all you do.

Exceptionally blessed,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Modern Medical Technology is a WOW!

Wow ... what a week ( or should I say couple of weeks)! Yesterday completed my radiation treatments- hip, hip hooray! I must say, the Drs., Nurses, Physicists and staff at MDA are amazing. Their tender care, love, compassion and humor took the "scary" right out of all this fun. They truly were terrific. I will miss their genuine smile and care ... but I'm not gonna miss the contraption that was inserted into my body on April 27th. Most unbelievable thing I've ever seen - for sure! I truly stand in awe at medical technology of today.

The definition of "contraption" is ... a mechanical contrivance, gadget, device. Yep ... I was sportin' a mighty contraption with me for 11 days! It's the latest and greatest type of radiation. It is truly the craziest thing I have ever endured in my body. A torpedo looking contraption inserted into my body that the Drs. hook up to the radiation. I was a "perfect" candidate for this partial radiation, which only radiates the area where the tumor was. Much easier on the body for the long term and a very high dose radiation attacking the cancerous area. We are truly blessed to live in a city that continues to improve the treatment and options for its patients. MDA is certainly "cutting edge."

Can I brag for one minute? Thanks. How do I even deserve the husband and children God gave me? I don't deserve them! They have been unbelievably"over the top" thru this little thing we've got goin' on! I simply would not make it without (The Lord first) and my precious, loving family. Thank you to my amazing husband and my beautiful girls ... I love you more than words can express ... you are my angels on this earth.

I have always been so healthy (and still am), never went to the doctor (until now)" but this past week reminded me so often of a quote from Beth Moore ...
"if I die suddenly, my gravestone might appropriately offer this insight into my departure: "God got tired." I require lots of work." I have prayed so fervently to the Lord, truly have laid all this at the Cross and have completely trusted God and His mighty plan since learning this diagnosis in February. I'm most certain my family would agree with Beth's quote ... I pray my precious family is not growing tired! I love them all so very much. Please keep them in your prayers. They may need a big dose of strength as I could be wearing them weary. Ugh!

A huge praise and note of thanksgiving to Our Lord God Almighty ... such a meek and humble offer of thanks. HE once again, met me at the door of MDA early Monday morning for my first radiation treatment. I have never felt the Lord literally carry me through what could have been a very difficult week. But it was far from it! We (God, my family and myself) blazed thru these 10 high dose treatments with joy and plenty of energy. The Lord was in that place. As I mentioned the staff was stupendous- treated me so tenderly and gracefully. AND ... HE brought Melinda there on Monday morning to begin her 10 radiation treatments. I was sad she had to walk this path, but I was so blessed to have met a new friend in Christ (and post cancer!!) Melinda and her husband John love Jesus with every fiber of their being. We became instant friends. You should have seen us trying to hug each other ... my contraption was on the right side of my body, hers was on her left side! But we quickly learned how to hug and not bother our hanging contraptions! I praise His Holy Name because Melinda is done with her cancer walk! Finished- History! She is cancer free and has no more treatment. I pray we will be friends for life ... thank you Jesus for bringing me a friend to endure every radiation treatment with! Just love her so much.

The previous post from precious Meredith shows the little celebration after we completed all our radiation treatments. They removed the crazy device from my body and I am good to go! I go back to MDA on May 20th to prepare for chemo. Richard and I met with the oncologist last Tuesday and she strongly recommended I do 6 months of chemo. It was our choice and after heeding her advice and seeking the Lords counsel ... it is best that I do it. My lymph nodes were cancer free, my margins were clear, tumor was 1.9 cm (still stage 1) ... but the type cancer I HAD (Drs. say I am completely cancer free now) was a high grade, fast growing type. So ... they feel chemo will kick it for the long haul of life.

I have a relatively positive approach to life and what is thrown my way ... but ... I am struggling with this chemo thing. I think we all know the side effects of this two sided thing called chemo (it saves lives everyday across the world, but it's one monster of a drug!) I have pleaded with God to humble me and let me gracefully accept the side effects. I am struggling with the hair thing ... there I typed it, but I can't even talk about it. Yikes! So, if you still have the energy to pray for this, I would be most appreciative. I may be wearing out my "prayer time" from you!

This journey could be very difficult, very lonely, very frightening walk. But it has been the absolute opposite because of you! Yes ... all of you! At 51 yrs. of age I've been thru some difficult moments in my life. I have trusted the Lord thru most of them. But I have never seen the footprints of Jesus walking before me and with me as I have in this current journey. I see Jesus in YOU. The love of the Lord is before me every moment of the day through YOU. We are turning into chubby little piglets over here from the delectable meals you have brought to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My entire family has feasted on one meal after another ... from the most amazing cooks our big bellies have ever enjoyed. The cards continue to flood my mailbox, the emails, messages and outpouring of love and concern is a sweet taste of what heaven will be like. YOU have been the hands and feet of Jehovah ... Our Mighty God.

So I humbly Thank You ... "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:33-35. For it is thru the Lord that you have brightened this path we are on. YOU are amazing and so very precious to me and my family.

Love you all ... so very much,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today is a blessing!

"This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Today was a BIG day for my mom (Hi, it's Meredith again!)-- she finished her last of ten radiation treatments and had the painful port removed! Oh happy day!! Megan, Carson & I went with her to her afternoon appointment to celebrate the end of this phase of treatment, and to watch her "ring the bell!" A little "ceremony" thing they do at MDA when you finish a round of treatment. Carson brought pink roses for his JiJi & a sweet woman named Melinda that we have been blessed to get to know the past few weeks. She and my mom have been on virtually the exact same surgery/treatment schedule. She got to "ring the bell" today too! Enjoy a few pictures of the "celebratory" last day of radiation treatment...
Pink Roses for JiJi & Melinda from Carson
Sending her off for her last round of treatment and port removal...
The MD Anderson Bell...
"Ring this bell 3 times well,
It's toll to clearly say
My treatment's done,
This course is run,
and I am on my way!"
Pink roses for sweet Melinda...
Mom walking out... Radiation ALL DONE!
Precious Melinda ringing her bell! She's ALL done with cancer treatments.
Treats for the incredible staff from JiJi...
Big hug for the wonderful Dr. Bloom!
Mom's turn to ring the bell...
This course is run... hooray!
The wonderful staff at MD Anderson Radiation Center of Bellaire... truly incredible!
How incredible are these two? Both of them have had TEN rounds of radiation treatments this week (two today) and both are just moments from walking out of having their ports removed... they look RADIANT! "The JOY of the Lord is my strength!"
My mom has asked me to let you all know that she will be posting this weekend... so be sure to check back for an update directly from her.

As Mother's Day is upon us, I simply cannot say thank you in enough ways on behalf of our family for praying over our precious mother this week, this month, and over the past several months... we believe in a God that can do immeasurably more than all we could ever ask or imagine. Thank you for partnering with our family during this faith journey.

Love & Blessings from all of the Greer's!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Be with me Lord...

"Be with me Lord, I cannot live without you. I dare not take one simple step alone..."

It's Meredith again...

Today, my mom is halfway done with her radiation treatments-- five down, five more to go. Radiation began first thing Monday morning, with her scheduled to have a treatment at 8am and 2pm every day this week-- her 8am treatment went well, she did great! The afternoon treatment didn't go as planned: the "radiation machine" went down and they were unable to repair it. After three hours in the waiting room, we were sent home with the hopes that a part overnighted from Maryland would fix the problem, and her treatments could resume as scheduled on Tuesday. Hooray, they got it fixed and she was able to receive two treatments both Tuesday and Wednesday-- tomorrow (Thursday) she'll go in very early in the morning, then again in the afternoon, and back again in the evening (each treatment must be 6+ hours apart). She'll have three treatments tomorrow to make up for her missed treatment on Monday. Then Friday, she'll finish her last two and have the catheter removed for the weekend!

She'll tell you she's getting more comfortable with the port/catheter, and that the radiation really hasn't been very bad at all... really, it can't possibly be as easy as she makes it look-- truth be told, she's simply AMAZING. She's so strong, so incredibly positive and resilient. She never complains, she rarely even lets you know she's uncomfortable... our whole family is in awe of her grace, her patience and her stamina.

We've been blessed to have met some precious people this week... even the staff at the treatment facility has been incredible. It's so refreshing that even in the midst of something so unpleasant, we are able to see God's hand, His goodness, His presence all around.

It wouldn't be right to go without continually thanking each of you for your prayers as this journey continues-- for the meals you have so graciously prepared for my parents-- for the overwhelming encouragement, support, and blessings you have showered over my precious mom. As far as we know Friday will be the last radiation treatment and port removal, then she will have a "week off" next week, and is set to begin chemotherapy the week of the 17th. As we receive more information and details, we'll update you all.

May the Lord bless you and keep you... thank you for being so wonderful to our family!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jesus, You're My Healer!

Guest post from Meredith again...

Hello precious friends, family, and blog readers!

I wanted to give a little update on my mom since her surgery a week ago. No surprise to any of us-- she came through the surgery like a champion, kept telling us all "she was fine," and insisted on going about her days as normally as possible. We would all quietly rejoice when we'd find her napping, going to bed really early, or allowing my Dad, Megan or I to do something she'd normally do herself. She's an incredibly strong woman, she epitomizes Proverbs 31.

Today, she had an appointment at MD Anderson for a scan to view the spacers put in during last week's surgery in preparation for her radiation port to be put in tomorrow. She'll go in around 10am and will be put under for this surgical procedure. It is our understanding that she will begin radiation on Thursday, but that is subject to change pending the results from the pathology report, which she will also receive tomorrow.

You all have been so gracious, so generous, so encouraging and we are so blessed by you. Please continue to pray for my precious mom. Here are some specific prayers that you can lift up on her behalf...
  • Continued prayers for her physically-- for her to be cancer free, completely healed, rejuvenated, cleansed, and stronger.
  • Prayers for her emotionally-- in my own words, I can only imagine the weight of constant visits to a hospital, appointment after appointment, procedure after procedure... coupled with the physical discomfort and pain. Please pray for her strength, for her comfort, for her spirit. Please ask the Lord to calm her and be a peaceful presence as she returns to MD Anderson tomorrow.
  • Pray over the pathology report. Her surgeon seemed confident that her lymph nodes were clear of cancer and that she successfully removed the entire cancerous tumor and got clear margins. Please boldly pray that this is the same news received tomorrow. This confirmation will make for a much more tolerable road as far as treatment goes.
  • Continue to pray for the medical team that works on her-- give them strength, clarity, wisdom, steady hands, patience... let them give her the utmost care.
  • Continue to pray for my Dad-- he's been incredible thus far. I can only imagine that as their 29th wedding anniversary draws near, they are counting each other as greater blessings than they ever have before. Please pray for his continued strength, support, communication, caregiving, comfort, and peace.
And, I just want to share a beautiful song that has been an anthem for our family since we got the news of my mom's diagnosis-- Healer done by Kari Jobe. You can click that link to listen to it... here are the beautiful words...
You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease

I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease

I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
You hold my world in Your hands

I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued prayer. We will update as the week progresses. Lots of love and blessings to each and every one of you!

And to our sweet mommy--
"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."
Proverbs 31:29

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Immeasurably More! (Guest Post by Meredith)

All praises be to the King of Kings, for the Lord our God, HE IS WONDERFUL!

This is Meredith, Jill's oldest daughter...

I have maintained for years and years that my mother is an incredible woman that truly is a cut above the rest. She's physically beautiful, she's outwardly one of the most vivacious, engaging, adorable people you could ever wish to meet... she is full of joy, full of love, full of encouragement. She has a servant's heart, an unshakable faith, and as of yesterday... A CANCER FREE BODY.

Our day at MD Anderson started bright and early. My parent's, along with my mom's sister Teri, arrived shortly before six o'clock in the morning. My sister's and I arrived about 7 o'clock... all prepared for her surgery to begin around 8am. Her surgeon decided when she arrived that morning to re-administer the radioactive dye that she'd had injected Friday morning-- the dye has to "permeate," spread around, do its thing for at least an hour... so she was told they'd call her back around 10:30am to get things started. At 11am, they finally called her back again, and we were told that the surgery officially began at 12:41pm. We expected the surgery to last a minimum of 2.5 hours-- so we headed to grab lunch in the building, then came back to wait... at 2:45pm, her surgeon came over to our family in the waiting room, "Greer?" We all about leapt from our chairs... she went on to tell us that my mom had come out of the surgery beautifully, that she'd gotten clear margins and was able to remove the tumor entirely, as well as a portion of the muscle near the tumor just to be thorough... and then came the news we were all waiting for, she said that the lymph nodes LOOKED CLEAR, CANCER FREE!! The official pathology report will tell the exact findings, and we'll have that a week from today... but her precious surgeon seemed very confident that the lymph nodes were clear and cancer free. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!! A short while later, we were allowed to visit my mom, one at a time... she looked amazing! She was so precious, so grateful for the news... so relieved that the cancer had been taken out of her body... it was a long, long day but by quarter til five, we were wheeling her down to the car, ready to go home!

This morning, I called her to check in and my goodness, she sounded incredible! She's such a fighter, such a trooper! She's filled with relief and thanksgiving that the surgery is behind her and was a success. She's resting at home, but is doing remarkably well. My sisters and I are taking turns "babysitting" so my dad can go back to work.

A huge thank you to those of you that stopped by the hospital yesterday to encourage our family. It was a precious blessing. We'll never forget your faces in that waiting room. Thank you as well to those of you that are bringing meals to my parents this week-- another huge service that they appreciate so much. And, on behalf of my mom, thank you for the cards, the texts/emails/calls, the gifts, the flowers, the outpouring of generosity and love you've showered over her. Most of all, THANK YOU for answering the call to be prayer warriors on her behalf. God has heard and we are so thankful for what He has done and what He continues to do. You have all been the hands and the feet of Jesus for my mom, for our family... and it truly is immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

We all love and thank you!
Richard, Meredith, Megan & Makenzie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter is a time of Celebration ... Jesus is Risen!

Easter is a time of humble rejoicing and celebration because of Jesus Christ. UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE, HALLELUJAH CHRIST AROSE!!! Being faced with illness is a time of celebration too! Thank you Jesus for your example as you walked on this earth. Hearing the words from a Doctor on Feb. 18th, "this is not good, I don't have good news" (nothing like softening the blow a bit!!) ... basking in Jesus and celebrating Him is where I want to be. "My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my Rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken." Psalm 62

Where did the Easter Bunny come from and how can he hop from one house to the next hiding eggs? I don't know how he does it, but this Easter ... the bunny absolutely hopped on by to my house.

I have never been so amazed, astonished, touched, blessed and loved! I woke up Sunday morning to 400+ Pink Eggs in my front yard!!!

Every single egg has a pink note from so many of you! My family and I are touched to the core of our being by the love, notes, scriptures, encouragement and even humor!!

It is Wednesday and I still have 2 large bags of eggs to open and savor ... cherishing every word on every sheet of pink paper. Words simply cannot express how YOU have touched us. The root of this loving gesture is the Lord ... He used my sweet BFFE, Gaynor to spearhead. Those of you who know Gaynor ... knows that God can give her a task and she will complete it with the utmost of love and perfection. She has an unselfish gift of making a human feel so warm and loved. She chased you down with pink papers and spent countless weeks to complete this most amazing gift of love from so many special people across this land! Thank you Jesus, thank you Gaynor and thank YOU ... for making this an Easter I will cherish forever and ever. As I quietly open pink plastic eggs and read the tender notes ...

I stand in awe and rejoice at what the Lord is doing thru His people! "He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me; for THERE WERE MANY WITH ME!" Psalm 55:18. Thank you for being there sweet people for me and my family.

"I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord." Psalm 33:14.
Last week was a week of Dr. appts. and a plan has been laid before us. Thank you merciful Jesus. We will continue to know "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospeth. 3 John 2. God's highest wish is for us to be well ... mostly in our soul, but even in our physical body. On April 19th at 2:00 I will have surgery to remove the tumor. Recover for about a week and begin radiation. Our prayers are many, but a few big ones are:

1) my lymph nodes are cancer free

2) one test we are waiting for will determine if I can take chemo orally (1 pill/day for 5 years) ... that's what I would love Gods plan to be (remember Jill ... God's plan, not yours!). If this is not the plan ... it will be chemo for 6 months with some not so fun side effects!

3) surgery goes as planned ... and they find no surprises!

Real quick, I have to tell you about Alma ... the EKG nurse at MD Anderson. I was in her office getting my EKG test. She asked me if I was a Christian. I shouted with joy ... YES! I LOVE JESUS! She put in a CD from the christian group Hillsong during my EKG. She then held my hands and prayed the most passionate and bold prayer over me. She was a scripture quoting prayer warrior. It was powerful! Let's all say a prayer for Alma ... she is soon going on her first mission trip to Honduras. If the people of Honduras only knew that Alma was coming ... Wow ... she will touch lives there just as she is doing at MD Anderson. Thank you Alma for your witness and confidence in Our Lord and Savior! I will come see you soon!!

My feeble words seem so inadequate and unappreciative ... but I cannot express our Thanks for being who you are in this journey. The outpouring of love has been unbelievable. You have shown me and my family "the love of the Lord." For that, we are so very grateful. I ask God daily to make me a better servant and lover of people ... every person who crosses my path and my heart let me love better. Thank you for showing me and teaching me. Jesus is smiling on you ... a super proud Father indeed!

With sincere love ... Jill

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Confident In Your Prayers!! 1 John 5:14,15

The title of this blog says it all .... First John 5:14,15! "This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of Him."

And that my precious friends is ... GOD'S WILL, NOT OURS! Thank you Jesus for knowing exactly what is best for us ... down to the absolute last detail!

I was incredibly humbled to be at MD Anderson the past two days. What a place! ... the employees are amazing, my team of doctors were incredible, and the numerous patients lining the chairs was sad. I found myself quietly praying for each woman ... with a scarf or a wig, a blazen look in their eye ... but there was also a sparkle of joy amongst each one of them. God in their midst!!!

After weeks of prayer, the incredible time of prayer and anointing on Sunday, YOUR PRAYERS, EMAILS, MESSAGES, CARDS, CALLS (I could go on and on because YOU have been amazing) we entered the doors of MD Anderson. The first person I met eye to eye was the valet parker lady ... "Maria". Her first words to me when I stepped out of the car was ... "Hello ... (a big hug and smile) ... "God Bless You!" Her smile was contagious and sincere. Her hug was massive. She meant it ... she knew I was a new patient coming to MD Anderson. It made me well up in tears. Thank You Jesus... I knew you would be there holding the door open for Richard and me. You were there ... and carried us thru both days.

I will share the details of Gods intervention thru the people, the answered prayers later ... but we received good news today. I will have surgery April 19th. It will be manageable and a true answer to our prayers. Looks like a removal of the tumor (lumpectomy) and radiation. We are still awaiting some test results ... but if my lymph nodes are not affected ... that will most likely be the treatment. If they are ... I will have chemotherapy. This is a brief option for now ... we will know more in the coming days.

We have been given 3 treatment plans ... Richard and I are praying for the right treatment. This scripture comes to mind, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29: 11-13 ( Ohh ... how I love that scripture - it's all about bowing before the Lord Christ Almighty!!)

We are grateful and thankful to have these two days at MD Anderson behind us. They were good blessings ... and we are ready to seek treatment and move on with Gods plan for our lives. I've said it before but ... My hope and prayer is this cancer "thing" will be a spiritual journey, not a medical journey for me, my precious husband and my amazing daughters. Nothing would be greater.

I will update more details later ... but just know "I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done!" Psalm:118:17

I Love You my precious friends,

PS ... Gaynor you are truly loved and your unselfish Christ centered deeds are amazing! xoxox

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MD Anderson Monday and Tuesday- Let's PRAY!

Hello sweet friends and loved ones! I write tonight with sadness in my heart for our dear friends Preston and Ann Onstead Hill and their entire family. This family has been an amazing example of grace, love and an unshakeable faith in Gods perfect plan in the midst of such sadness. Your entire family is covered in our loving, humble prayers. I love you all so much.

If you are not tired of praying for us (smile!) ... we actually meet with MD Anderson this Monday 3/29 and Tuesday 3/30 and should have a better idea of what's to come. “Oh Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2. With humbleness and gratitude I want to share just how amazing our church is ...

This Sunday afternoon 3/28, we are having a time of prayer at our church, First Colony Church of Christ. Several elders and their wives will be there praying over my precious family and me, along with several amazing friends, loved ones and so many incredible folks from FCCC. I rejoice and thank God for this gift of prayer- it is powerful!

"For where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst." Matthew 18:20.
THAT MAKES ME CRY TEARS OF JOY AND EXCITEMENT! A powerful and beautiful gift to come together and cry out to God with bold confidence. Such comfort and peace come when you believe with a faith that can't be shaken ... no matter how He answers our many prayers.

Can I share some of the specific prayers the Elders will pray over ... and ask you to join us wherever you are? Satan is going to hate this day ... and I love that. "Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up." James 5:14,15

1. A huge thank you to the Lord for answering our prayers regarding the genetic testing. We are so thankful and give Him all the glory for the normal results and great news. Also, thank my family for loving, supporting and embracing me. And the incredible friends and loved ones who have already touched me and my family in ways we cannot even believe.
2. Pray for my family ... most of all! My prayer for myself and my family is this will be a spiritual journey, not a medical journey. I want the Lord to change us, grow us and make us stronger, better Christians. Re-shaping who we are in Christ Jesus. Asking the Lord to prepare the way before us and carry through every detail. Filling us with a peace and joy that completely comes from Him.
3. Pray for Richard as this will be a tough journey for him. Give him wisdom, strength, and understanding. Continue to bless him as the leader of our family and carry him thru every detail, growing his faith and complete trust in Jesus Christ.
4. Pray for our marriage. My prayer and hope is this draws us even closer. That the communication between us will be open, honest and real. We will join together before the Lord in every detail. Our love will grow bigger, better and stronger. That I will be a loving, good, caring wife during this physical battle.
5. Pray for the girls ... Meredith, Megan and Makenzie. Pray that the Lord will wrap them in his love and assurance. Teach them the amazing wonders of God amidst this trial. Pray they will cling to His word and see Jesus in every detail. Pray I will be able to be the loving, caring Mother I have been for 25 years during this time. Also, pray for Kevin, Jesse and Carson (Merediths husband, Megans husband and our granson).
6. Pray for wisdom and discernment ... that God will make every decision we will be faced with. That we (as a family) will hear Him completely and with absolute assurance.
7. Pray for the doctors, oncologist, surgeons, all the nurses and other patients at MDA. Pray I will be (and my family will be) a beacon of light for Jesus Christ as we spend the next year there. If one person can come to know the Lord as we travel this journey ... Hallelujah! This cancer walk will be worth it.
8. Medically, please pray the cancer has remained contained over the 2 month wait getting into MDA. Pray it has not moved into my lymph nodes. Pray the doctors overseeing my case will be wise and the Lord will determine the best course of treatment.
9. Prayer that we will accept the answers to all our prayers and with each answer we will glorify God and give him thanks.
10. Overall prayer for my health ... that I will stay strong, free from other illnesses, eat healthy and Lord willing ... completely heal me. Making me (and my family) better, spiritually, emotionally, physically and able to touch people and love people better than ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... from the bottom of my heart! I can't express my gratitude to you, the elders of our church and our entire church family. How blessed we are!

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us- whatever we ask- we know that we have what we asked of him." 1 John 5:14,15 WOO HOO ... I love that!

Ann, Preston, Ashley and your entire family ... we love you with the love of the Lord. You will be in our prayers every moment, hour, day, for days to come, months to come and over the years.
We love you so much.

Blessings and a HUGE thank you for praying for my sweet family as this cancer journey begins next week. Thank You Lord we live in America where we can openly and boldly join together and publicly shout out our prayers and requests unto you.

In Him,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The Lord continues to show me His amazing grace, mercy and blessings. I received some great news today and I am FILLED with thanksgiving unto our precious Lord and Savior. But first, I want to thank everyone of you for your continued prayers, love, encouragement and support. My family and I are so grateful for who you are and who you have been to us during this time of uncertainty and decision making. Here is a scripture of thanksgiving to you ...
"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2.
And YOU have done just that ... for me and my family ... and I am so humbled and thankful. Thank you my dear sweet friends and loved ones.

NOW ... for the amazing news we learned today. The genetic mutations test came back NORMAL! I fell into a heap of joyful tears when I received this incredible news today. My tears of thanksgiving and joy came first and foremost that the Lord would choose this for me and for my precious Meredith, Megan and Makenzie. Their lives could have been so different if we weren't granted this good news today. Basically, the "normal" means I am NOT a carrier of the dreaded "cancer gene!" Thank you Jesus ... so very much. This also means my medical treatment might not be as drastic or radical. "Blessed be God ... the father of mercies, and the God of all comfort!" 2 Cor 1:3. The Lord is truly carrying me and my family and filling us with HIS comfort, joy and blessings.

We continue to pray for other tests that are yet to come in. Peacefully we wait on our appointment at MDA March 29th and 30th. If you're looking for something to pray about ... this would be a good idea! Think God might blow everyone away ... and the cancer is gone when I get there? Hmmmm ... if not ... I do know the Lord will be waiting for me holding the door open at MDA and carrying us thru those two days. That just made me smile really big! For it is written, "The LORD your God, who is going before you, will fight for you."

It's been an interesting blessing the past few weeks. I have always been so thankful for my life, my husband, my children, my family, friends and my precious God. But sitting back and reflecting on what possibly is to come ... makes my thanksgivings even greater, my relationship with Christ the absolute most important priority of all, my family even more wonderful and precious (didn't even think that could be possible), my loved ones and friendships even more cherished, my body a true temple- that needs to be well taken care of, and I could go on and on. I even enjoy the time consuming washing, drying and straightening of this curly blonde mop ... just incase I won't have this incredible enjoyment soon! Yikes!!

I stand amazed at HIS presence because I sincerely feel a peace that surpasses all understanding. More to come ... when HE grants us yet another blessing. I want all of you to know that I pray for you everyday ... giving thanks for you. Our journey and walk in this would be much different without your love. You all are the best ... and one of Gods greatest blessings.

Love YOU ... and ... what a gorgeous day was given to us today. Today is little Karens (my sweet little sister) birthday.
My little leprachaun turned 48 ... we celebrated her life today and it was perfect!
I Love You sweet Karen.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look at the great news that I read tonight! ....

"The Lord will fight for you; You need only to be still!" Exodus 14:14

Yep ... that's it. All we need to do is be still!

That's easy ... this walk will be a breeze if all we have to do is, be still. The Lord will do all the heavy lifting, fighting and work! It is so awesome to be a Child of God. He makes it all so easy for us. I feel so blessed to be in the arms of Jesus! Let's sit back, pray fervently, rest and let Him fight this battle! Woo Hoo!

I Love You all!

Monday, March 8, 2010

So Blessed and filled with Thanksgiving!

Hello to all our incredible friends, family and loved ones! I apologize for the delay in corresponding, but I don't have "a plan" in place yet. This new truth in my life has been an interested thought process for me. I feel great and go about my days forgetting my recent diagnosis. When I sit quietly for a moment and remember ... it is almost surreal. Is this really happening?? Then I quickly remember that "God is my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1). He is always there to help us, providing refuge, security and peace. God's power is complete and his ultimate victory is certain. He promises, He will not fail to rescue those who love him. Ahhhh ... love those sweet, loving words filled with so much hope.

Quick update ... We met with Baylor College of Medicine last week. I want to get two opinions and Dr. Osborne with Baylor has come highly recommended by several amazing women who have walked this journey. He was wonderful, I really liked him. While I was at this appt. I had a genetics mutation test done to see if I am a genetic carrier of the cancer gene. Since my sweet, wonderful Mother died of Ovarian cancer this test was at the top of the important "to do list!" (this is critical, as we have 3 amazing daughter whom we love and cherish with all our hearts). If I am a carrier, it is a blessing to know this ... the girls can be super pro active in going to the Dr. and getting their mammograms and annual check ups. PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray that I am NOT a carrier, it will mean a much easier journey ahead and such a blessing for the girls! Technology is amazing now and God is even better - He has given us all peace beyond understanding!!

I have my first appointment with MD Anderson March 29th (at a fun 6:30 am!!) and another appt. with MDA on March 30th. I will have a much better idea of what the Drs. feel is the best medical plan. Will let you know when I hear more. Another huge blessing of Gods hand in this ... I was able to get into MDA with the doctor I really wanted in an "MDA reasonable" amount of time. It's difficult to get into this place ... everyone wants to be there!!! HA!

I am doing everything humanly possible to feed my body all the right things (but none of this would matter if we didn't have every fiber of our being in the trusting arms of Jesus ... knowing without a doubt that His plan is and will be absolute perfection). BUT ... I have cut out ALL sugar (yowza ... no more skittles or twizzlers), have boosted the leafy greens to a level my body has not eatten in a year combined, super lean protein, no wheat and water in huge abundance. Exercise has kicked in ... as this is critical when one enters a new journey like this one. If you are an expert in yummy foods with no sugar and no wheat - would love to hear from you!

Quiet time alone with God is precious. He is a God of tender moments and loving assurance. I have learned a valuable truth lately ... I know that really knowing GOD is better than knowing the outcome! "Be still, and know that I am God; I will will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10. Being still has been amazing, something that is not easy for "fast little me!"

If you love to pray ... please pray for the outstanding tests we are awaiting and my upcoming appts. with MDA. (Outstanding tests: genetic test, and a few others). The Lord knows all about them ... and also what we pray His will might be. I am calling out for wisdom as many decisions will need to be made. Thank you, thank you, thank you prayer warriors!

Thank you for your love, concern, prayers, cards, calls, emails, facebook messages. I wish I could respond individually and hope to do that in the future. This walk would be so lonely without each and everyone of you. And I must say to my precious, sweet family ... I Love You with the love of the Lord. The joy, blessings and love you give to me every moment of each day ... is indescribable. I am one blessed woman to be given this amazing, incredible family ... God is toooo good to me!

I Love You all ... Blessings to each of you!