Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Faith, Answered Prayer and Low Blood Counts!

Yesterday was chemo #7 and once again, God showed up and showed us His amazing love and who is really in control! I get butterflies in my tummy, tears in my eyes and my soul swells with a huge smile when I think about yesterday at MDA. Starting my day at 6:45 with blood work, we discovered my white counts were a bit low. Chemo was delayed until they could determine if my counts were in a safe range. Peacefully we waited, we prayed and I knew without any doubt God was at work! And in His amazing glory my count had to be at least 1.0 to do chemo ... came back at 1.1!!! So chemo #7 is behind us. Thank you sweet Jesus, My amazing Healer.

This season of my life is good ... SO good in the quiet, still lessons the King of Kings is laying upon me. Faith, good 'ol blind faith has been a lesson I would not trade.
"But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold."
Job 23:10 (Ya think Job has a lesson in a faith walk for me? Yep ... )

So I ponder ... with great awe ...
Would we like to know exactly what God is doing? Would we want to pull aside the veil and see the end from the beginning? Would we like to know the way that He is taking with us in this walk? I’m learning if we did, and if we could see, would we have FAITH to believe and accept God’s perfect way? If we could understand all of God’s dealings, we would not need faith. We would not fall before His throne in complete trusted faith that He is Our Great Healer, perfect in ALL things. Its been a blessing and test to walk this walk in solid, promised, loving, great faith. Faith in Our Father, a faith that if not exercised will not grow and a faith that if not tried will never be strong!

God knows what He is doing, He knows the plan He has for me. In the midst of some ucky moments, there is incredible comfort. Comfort not in the fact that I know the reason and the answer for all that God has in this ... but in the truth that God completely knows what He is doing. And I am so thankful for that assurance. "He knows that way I take" - sweet!

Faith, so many answered prayers (and some unanswered, some answered different than we asked) and low blood counts. To God be the Glory in every perfect detail of this journey. Use this Lord to grow your kingdom and bring new souls to your throne of glory.

Praying for my white blood counts to jump up, praying for Julie Whaley, praying for the man at MDA who was so very sick yesterday (broke my heart into pieces), praying for my sweet family and praying for all of you.

Jesus, perfect in everyway ...