Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Race for the Cure

Hello friends & family, it's Meredith again!

Race for the Cure 2010 Registration is now open!
We would love for you to join our family’s team:
Jesus ... My Healer

We will be racing in honor of my beautiful, amazingly strong mom Jill Greer, who is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer and our precious Grandma BK (Karen Penrod) who fought and beat breast cancer nearly five years ago. We are so thankful for the amazing medical care available to them and the healing power of our sweet Jesus. Racing for the Cure seems to be the least we can do to commemorate and honor their courageous battles with breast cancer. We would love to honor or include anyone you know and love that has fought breast cancer as well, just let us know who all we’re walking for.

If you’re up for it, we’d be honored to have you walk, run, or SLEEP in for the Cure with us on Saturday, October 2nd. That’s right... If running isn’t your thing, or if you live far away but want to be there in spirit, SLEEP IN for the cure. Instead of receiving a race t-shirt, you will get a pillowcase and can dream sweet dreams for us all while we go run around the city!

Either way, you can visit this link here to register.
You’ll want to select “Join an Existing Team”
Our team name is Jesus ... My Healer
(if you search "Jesus", you will see our team come up, with Jill Greer as our Captain)
We will be racing in the Family & Kids group-- don't worry we'll have walkers, joggers, runners, old and young!

Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family as well, the more the merrier!
You will receive an official Race for the Cure t-shirt when you register. We are planning on having custom shirts made— if you would like one of those, you can contact me with your t-shirt size. We anticipate them being no more than $10 per person.

Thanks so much for considering being a part of this special day with our family!
Love and blessings to you all,

Questions? Contact me...
thetichenorfamily {at} gmail {dot} com

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I owe everyone a huge THANK YOU ...

Hello friends and family! This blog post is my heart-felt out pouring to Thank YOU.

I now know that God has allowed this trial in my life and my families lives. I am convinced that the Lord loves me so much, He allowed this in my life. He's allowed it to teach me some amazing things. I am listening and approaching His throne with humbleness and a thankful heart. Yes ... HE loves me this much!

I am doing good ... finished my 6th chemo treatment yesterday. Have 6 more of this particular chemo, then I have 4 more treatments of a hum-dinger ... one potent doozie ... so they say. But this blog is for YOU ... to thank you for all the love, support, PRAYERS, food, cards, hugs, calls, emails ... words can't express our gratitude. So this is to you ... my thank you:

Thank YOU my amazing friends and loved ones!!! How do I even thank you for your sweet, precious, wonderful , loving tender care over me and my family? Words cannot thank you enough for the warmth you have covered us with. We are so incredibly blessed by your love and outreach during this time of trial, BUT also this time of incredible blessing and joy!

YES … this has been a time of huge blessings. My life and my families lives have never been so covered in prayer, love and honor because of YOU. Above your servant heart, we thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. We thank you for your prayers. We thank you for loving us in such a huge, amazing way! While this walk is not what one would hope for … I would not trade the grand lessons I have witnessed thru your loving spirit and generous outpouring upon my life and my families lives. Thank you seems so small, so insincere. There are no words to adequately express the thankfulness within my soul for all you have done for me and my family. I am truly learning one more facet of Gods amazing love, blessings and riches through your loving kindness and through your hands that have washed our feet during this time of need, healing and renewal. Thank you from deep within my soul and from the bottom of my heart.

I have prayed, asking our Lord and Savior to make this a spiritual journey, not a medical journey. And as HE would be so perfect and so amazing … it has been just that! A season filled with HIS love, blessings and teaching largely because of YOU! God has truly shined HIS precious, loving face upon us. He has taken incredible care of us and used YOU to bless us immeasurably more than we deserve. Thank you my sweet friend.

I will be a better servant because of you. Because of your tender acts of kindness … I continue to learn what it means to love people. I pray God will continue to use this time to make me more like HIM, and to love and serve others as you have loved and served me and my family.
You may never know the magnitude of how you have blessed our lives. But Jesus knows, and HE is smiling upon you and will heap blessings over you because you have loved us in such am amazing, Christ-centered way. Again, I say thank you. A day does not pass that we are so incredibly blessed with Gods richest joy and perfect care.

This walk is because of HIS glory and HIS perfect plan. I rejoice and am glad in it! I pray He will use this to better His kingdom … because of YOU. Jesus came as a servant. Greatness comes from serving and what a mighty servant you have been. “The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted”. Matthew 23:11-12

Undeservingly and humbly filled with appreciation, joy and thanksgiving …
I Love you with The Love of the Lord,