Monday, September 13, 2010

Running the Race with Jesus ...

Monday, September 13, 2010
Running the Race with Jesus ...

Yep, running this marathon with Jesus as absolute leader and my amazing family cheering us on. There are no words to tell you how blessed I have been being surrounded by my incredibly loving family and friends. This journey has been filled with blessings because of Richard, Meredith, Megan, Jesse, Kevin, Makenzie, Carson, Slade and my amazing girlfriends (they are so fun). We are on the downhill side of the race ... coming into the finish line!!!!!!! Woo Hoo Jesus!

I finished 12 treatments last week and started the 1st of 4 new treatments today. When I got to MDA med center early this morning, I felt a bit anxious ... anticipating what these new drugs might do. I sat in my car before going in, prayed, sang a few praise and worship songs ... giving HIM all of this ... giving HIM deep heartfelt emotion of thanksgiving ... giving Him all my praise and all I am. When I walked thru the doors it felt surreal- almost blurry. I'm telling you, God was there in my presence. He literally carried me from one test to the next, carried me thru the door to meet with my oncologist. The entire time I was there I was floating thru ... with a serentity and peace and joy that was filled with the most quiet tender emotion. It was the sweetest feeling of being encapsulated in HIS safe, strong, loving arms ... the cancer world around me was not even visible to my eyes.

Thank you Lord for loving me so much, thank you for taking such good care of me and thank you for sharing today with me in such a real, hands on way. I trust in YOU Lord ... I trust in YOU.
I Love You.

First round of 4 is behind us. My oncologist prepared me for a rough week ahead ... but lets see what the GREAT PHYSICIAN has in store! Whatever my week ends up being ... I'm good with it. Knowing with every fiber of my being that the Lords will and plan is absolute perfection. If you take a moment this week to pray ... I would be so honored and thankful to be covered in your prayers. And please pray for my family, as they need strength and prayer also.

It is so interesting the multitude of emotions a human goes thru when you are faced with a trial like this. For me, the hardest part has been watching my sweet family having to walk this trial alongside of me. I cry alot when I think of them ... their selfless acts, their love for me, their unwavering faith if something doesn't go like we prayed for, their funny jokes and continual laughter, their gentle and genuine care for me. They have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus ... and I stand humbled and in awe at how blessed I am to call them "my family". Jesus has and continues to make us all better people thru this marathon, this race of life. I pray He never stops chipping away in making us more like Him.

I have learned one very amazing truth (I've learned a whole lot more than one amazing thing in this but for now here's a huge truth I've learned), "The Lord loves me so much, He allowed this in my life because he wants to make me better. He wants me to completely trust Him and listen to His plans for me. He wants me to be more like Him." Thats a big love to allow this cancer walk, and I am thankful to listen to Him, learn what He has for my life and prayerfully and humbly hear Him and come before His throne in obedience. I want to serve Him- whatever He is calling me to be or to do. Guess He decided, she's a hard headed one ... should I allow cancer and year journey or ... hit her over the head with a large falling boulder? Kinda glad I got Choice A!!!!!

My family's theme song is Jesus, Your My Healer ... we listen to it with such a trusting faith in Jesus ... for He is everything. Precious Meredith has it posted on her incredible blog today. If you have a minute, visit her post today (love that child so much) and click on this song at the bottom of todays post. Her blog is

Thankful for YOU. Thankful for my church family. Thankful for Ronnie's Sunday morning sermons, Thankful for my dad and my siblings, Thankful for my amazing girlfriends, Thankful for my son in laws, Thankful for my blessed grandbabies, Thankful for my undeserved, cherished, amazing daughters, Thankful for my sweet husband who sweetly and lovingly endures it all, but most of all I am Thankful for Jesus ... the Great Physician ... My Healer ... My everything.

Love you so very much,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

race for the cure update

Hello sweet friends & family... (Meredith posting)

I wanted to touch base as many of you have had trouble signing up/donating to the Race for the Cure team. I am providing some (hopefully) easy and detailed instructions to sign up or sponsor the team. Please feel free to email me or call with any questions. Thank you all so very much for your eagerness to be a part of this special day!

To sign up to race/donate...

    1. Visit --> from there you will select from the horizontal menu of pink tabs along the top of the site: you want to choose the tab that says Komen Race for the Cure.

    2. Hover over this tab and you will see a drop down menu to select from.

    Choose Register. Then choose Join a Team.

    3. You will be redirected to a page that allows you to Join a team, create a team, etc. You want to scroll to the box that allows you to search for an existing team. In the box type “Jesus” as your search criteria and leave the Team Division unselected. Our team, Jesus, My Healer should be the only result you get— select the team by clicking on the pink team name.

    4. From there you will see a roster of those already signed up. To join the team, you will click the pink Join Team text at the top of the list.

    5. You will then choose from a list of Participation Options; most of you will fall under the Adult category. Make your selections and move to the next step.

    6. As you complete the Registration Form you will be asked to select which event you are planning on joining— we are doing the Family Walk & Kids.From there you should be able to complete payment information and be signed up to participate!

    When you arrive at the team page with the roster, you will also see a “thermometer” that has the team’s fundraising status. Above that meter you can click to Donate to Jesus... My Healer. The steps to donate/sponsor are very simple from there.

    Thank you all again for your generosity, your encouragement and your enthusiasm!

    We are so blessed by each and every one of you.

    A little update on my mom... She completed her 11th of 12 weekly chemotherapy treatments on Monday. She will have her last of the 12 on Tuesday of this coming week. On September 13th she begins a series of 4 intense rounds of chemotherapy, each 3 weeks apart. These are the final 4 treatments in her cancer walk, but are supposed to be the toughest. If you would continue to bless her with continued prayers for strength, comfort, healing and peace as she finishes this journey we would be so grateful. In so many ways this walk has been a blessing to my mom and in turn to our family. But, at the end of the day, it’s cancer and chemotherapy and it’s JUST NOT FUN! She has some difficult days and we are ready for her to be relieved of cancer treatments and all that comes with it.

    She’s been AMAZING through it all, such a Godly example to us all of walking

    with unshakable faith, grace, strength and dignity.

    I hope that you and yours are well...

    We look forward to seeing so many of you on October 2nd.

    Love & Blessings,
    The Greer’s, The Tichenor’s & The Goforth’s
    Richard, Jill, Meredith, Kevin, Carson, Slade, Megan, Jesse & Makenzie

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