Monday, March 8, 2010

So Blessed and filled with Thanksgiving!

Hello to all our incredible friends, family and loved ones! I apologize for the delay in corresponding, but I don't have "a plan" in place yet. This new truth in my life has been an interested thought process for me. I feel great and go about my days forgetting my recent diagnosis. When I sit quietly for a moment and remember ... it is almost surreal. Is this really happening?? Then I quickly remember that "God is my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1). He is always there to help us, providing refuge, security and peace. God's power is complete and his ultimate victory is certain. He promises, He will not fail to rescue those who love him. Ahhhh ... love those sweet, loving words filled with so much hope.

Quick update ... We met with Baylor College of Medicine last week. I want to get two opinions and Dr. Osborne with Baylor has come highly recommended by several amazing women who have walked this journey. He was wonderful, I really liked him. While I was at this appt. I had a genetics mutation test done to see if I am a genetic carrier of the cancer gene. Since my sweet, wonderful Mother died of Ovarian cancer this test was at the top of the important "to do list!" (this is critical, as we have 3 amazing daughter whom we love and cherish with all our hearts). If I am a carrier, it is a blessing to know this ... the girls can be super pro active in going to the Dr. and getting their mammograms and annual check ups. PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray that I am NOT a carrier, it will mean a much easier journey ahead and such a blessing for the girls! Technology is amazing now and God is even better - He has given us all peace beyond understanding!!

I have my first appointment with MD Anderson March 29th (at a fun 6:30 am!!) and another appt. with MDA on March 30th. I will have a much better idea of what the Drs. feel is the best medical plan. Will let you know when I hear more. Another huge blessing of Gods hand in this ... I was able to get into MDA with the doctor I really wanted in an "MDA reasonable" amount of time. It's difficult to get into this place ... everyone wants to be there!!! HA!

I am doing everything humanly possible to feed my body all the right things (but none of this would matter if we didn't have every fiber of our being in the trusting arms of Jesus ... knowing without a doubt that His plan is and will be absolute perfection). BUT ... I have cut out ALL sugar (yowza ... no more skittles or twizzlers), have boosted the leafy greens to a level my body has not eatten in a year combined, super lean protein, no wheat and water in huge abundance. Exercise has kicked in ... as this is critical when one enters a new journey like this one. If you are an expert in yummy foods with no sugar and no wheat - would love to hear from you!

Quiet time alone with God is precious. He is a God of tender moments and loving assurance. I have learned a valuable truth lately ... I know that really knowing GOD is better than knowing the outcome! "Be still, and know that I am God; I will will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10. Being still has been amazing, something that is not easy for "fast little me!"

If you love to pray ... please pray for the outstanding tests we are awaiting and my upcoming appts. with MDA. (Outstanding tests: genetic test, and a few others). The Lord knows all about them ... and also what we pray His will might be. I am calling out for wisdom as many decisions will need to be made. Thank you, thank you, thank you prayer warriors!

Thank you for your love, concern, prayers, cards, calls, emails, facebook messages. I wish I could respond individually and hope to do that in the future. This walk would be so lonely without each and everyone of you. And I must say to my precious, sweet family ... I Love You with the love of the Lord. The joy, blessings and love you give to me every moment of each day ... is indescribable. I am one blessed woman to be given this amazing, incredible family ... God is toooo good to me!

I Love You all ... Blessings to each of you!


  1. i recently did a 21 day detox: dairy, gluten, sugar, and caffeine free. you might want to research dairy since it can cause mucous build up in your body that toxins can attach themselves too. i read the book by alejandro junger "clean"

    praying for you and your family!


  2. Jill (& the ENTIRE Greer/Tichenor Family),

    Just want you to know that you are in my constant thoughts and prayers. As Mer and I have become so close I feel like I know you like a best friend. Even though we've only had the chance to meet a handful of times. Your strength, courage, and faith are something I am in awe of, I strive to be like you and teach this life to my daughter. My entire family knows your story and they are definite "prayer warriors" as we have had many trials that prayer and the Lords strength has carried us through.

    We LOVE YOU and will continue to be some of your greatest cheerleaders in prayer, love, and encouragement.

    Britt McQuire ( and the ENTIRE McQuire/Smith Family) xoxo

  3. Sweet Jill, I am stunned at this news. Yet I am equally inspired by your faith -- and I know He will sustain you through this trial. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. And when you have a free minute, check out the journey of a friend of ours, Sharon Washburn, who was diagnosed a year ago with breast cancer. I believe you will be encouraged and uplifted. You and Sharon are like-minded and are both fully ensconsed in His grip. We love you Jill. And we will be praying.

    Dana, Brett, Riley & Connor Gage

  4. Mrs. Greer,
    Your words are eloquent and uplifting! I pray for you every day. I understand the bond between you and your daughters because I too feel that way about my mom. You are an amazing woman of strength and courage, and though some of our life situations pale in comparison to yours, I feel blessed in your words, and I know that God is real. Thank YOU for encouragement... even in YOUR time of need! Please know that our family, our church, and my friends know your situation and we are avidly praying for you and your family!

    Tiffany (Derringer) Sutherland

  5. Jill,
    You probably don't know me my name is Helen Castro I am Tony Aguilar's little sister. I say little but I am almost 35 with three wonderful babes. I started following your blog and I have been praying for you and your family. I don't think we have ever spoken at FCCC but you don't know how I look up to you. You are amazing and show a little Christian like me what it is to have amazing faith even during a challenging time. May God bless you and your sweet family always. Helen Castro.